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On this page I will tell you what books, TV shows, movies and PS games I like/have.

I like the series of books called "Animorphs" by KA Applegate and "Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice" by Jude Watson.
I like 'The Day my Bum went Psycho' and its sequals 'Zombie Bums from Uranus' and 'Bumageddon' by Andy Griffiths.
New books that I've been reading:
Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, a teenage boy forced to become a spy and sent all over the world by MI6.
Wizards Apprentice series about a boy who runs off to become a wizard, and goes on quests with his two friends, on his way to becoming a master wizard.
Hardy Boys. These are about two teenage brothers who work as detectives.
The Bartimaeus Trilogy. This is about a world that is governed by magicians. Bartimaeus is a genie (djinni) with a smart mouth who reluctantly serves Nathanial an up and coming magician.
HARRY POTTER!!! Does this need a description?
Alpha Force series - a group of teenagers fighting against the injustices of the world. Written by Chris Ryan, ex-SAS soldier.
I like "Crash Bandicoot" games on PSOne and PS2. For my birthday I got the PS2 game called "Myth Makers: Super Kart". I also like Hot Wheels: World Race which I got for the Christmas before last.
I recently bought an xBox and I have three games for it: Blinx 2, Robots, and Toejam and Earl, and Oddworld Munch's Oddyssey.
On Saturday mornings I watch Saturday Disney which includes Filmor, Lilo and Stitch, and Teamo Supremo. Now there's Dave the Barbarian, Kim Possible and American Dragon Jake Long. Then I watch Y? on Channel 9, then go back to Channel 7 and watch Tarzan and later Kim Possible.

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