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This is me...

Born: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, 1985. Have lived here all my life. Where is Darwin you ask?
Education: I'v completed two of five years of my combined Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws degrees at Charles Darwin University. I took last year off to work and travel overseas and this year I will be taking on uni part-time to fit in work.
Sport: Basketball. Also watching the Aussies kick the other nations' you-know-whats in cricket. (Although they're in big trouble for losing the Ashes when I was England. Of all places to be.)
Music: The last song I downloaded was from Pirates of the Caribbean. Before that, probably something by Good Charlotte. Well that was a while back but my tastes haven't changed much. Love Greenday's American Idiot. I play piano and flute - not brilliantly but I do play.

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