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Playing, Coaching, Reffing, and Spectatoring
I have a collection of basketball drills and games on my Basketball Training page.

I started playing basketball when I was 10 years old. My friends were playing so I did too. I've now been playing for ten years (wow I'm getting old) in junior grades as well as League and League Reserve and Mixed Social.


I first got involved with coaching when my brother's U10 team needed a coach. Since then I've stayed with several variations of the team as some members moved up, or away.


Aussie Hoops
When Darwin still had an Aussie Hoops co-ordinator, I was Assistant Presenter at several after-school clinics for primary school age kids. That was a lot of fun and pretty challenging. I was involved in junior and senior primary progams at Bakewell and Larrakeyah primary schools and the senior primary clinic at Alawa.
Click on the logo to visit the Aussie Hoops website.

I started reffing at the start of 2003. I received a Level 1B certificate from the Darwin Basketball Association at the end of that year, which I spose is what I am now.
I usually ref U10, U12, and U14 boys and girls, and BGrade women, and I've done a few U16 games.
I reffed at the 2004 Easter NT Champs, which taught me what not to do as a coach. Disrespecting junior officials is disgraceful.

Yes, that is a word.
I really like what Gary Fox has done with the Dandenong team over the past few years so I'll go for them most of the time. My extended family is mostly located in South Australia, so I feel some allegience to the Adelaide teams: in the WNBL, the Adelaide Lightning (hopefully they'll beat Canberra this weekend, but then they'll face Dandenong... who to cheer for then?), and in the NBL, the Adelaide 36ers. However, the Perth Wildcats have declared Darwin their home ground for one game a season for another three years, so if it's Perth playing, they've got my vote. (If it's an Adelaide-Perth game I'll probly just flip a coin.)
In the NBA and WNBA, any team that has an Australian in it. Saw the NY Liberty play at Madison Square Garden, but I don't really have any allegience to them.
And internationally, go the Opals! They would have won in Athens if LJ had been awake (just my opinion...).


Basketball On The Net


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