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Welcome to my site!

You can find almost anything on the net these days. So much available at the touch of a button. And now there's one more website out there...

This site will be based around my interests, so I will eventually have pages for basketball, movies, TV, music, quotes, and photos. (That's the plan anyway!)
I hope to update this site frequently, so make sure to check back.

What's New?

Saturday 17th April, 2004
Created my very own website!
Pages I've done so far:
Home (including a counter and time-and-date)
Contact Me
Movies and Books (only part of it)
Thursday 22nd April, 2004
I've added pictures to the Photo Album page.
Sunday 25th April, 2004
I've added a GuestBook to the Contact Me page.
Monday 26th April, 2004
I've added an Opinions page. We'll see how that goes. I might not have enough important opinions to keep the page going.
Monday 10th May, 2004
I have started adding to the Quotes and Taglines page. If you have any others that you like, let me know.
Sunday 16th May, 2004
I've begun adding quotes to the Quotes and Taglines page. I will continue this later but I think it will be a long-term project.
Friday 23rd July, 2004
Have pretty much finished the Quotes Pages. Yes, they're now sorted into five separate pages. I still need to finish the Shrek quotes as there are quite a few of them.
Have added a Lyrics section. Will continue adding to this.
Have also added a Site Map page which is basically to help me keep track of what pages are where.
I've changed the addresses of all the pages and they now reflect the page subject. As a result, some of the links around the site may not be working. Hopefully this is not the case. If it is, I'm sure I will figure that out eventually.
html news:
link to another site
link to a certain spot on a page
(Aren't I smart?)

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Please be sure to Contact Me and let me know what you think of my site.

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